Process indicators

Loop-powered field indicators

RIA14 / RIA16

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    • 5-digit LC display

    • One limit value

    • Bargraph and units


    Specs at a glance

    Line voltage drop <4 V at 3 to 22 mA
    Display 5-digit LC display
    Degree of protection IP 67, NEMA 4X
    Maximum measured error < 0.1 % of scaled display range

    Field Indicator RIA14

    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in AUDOrder code
    HousingApproval1 to 34 to 1011+
    Field, Alu die castNon-hazardous area871.00827.00784.00 RIA14-AA3x
    ATEX II2(1)G Ex ib[ia] IIC T6962.00914.00866.00 RIA14-BA3x
    ATEX II2G Ex d IIC T61,068.001,015.00961.00 RIA14-BD3x
    ATEX II2D1,068.001,015.00961.00 RIA14-BF3x
    ATEX II3G Ex nA IIC T61,068.001,015.00961.00 RIA14-BN3x
    FM XP,NI,DIP I,II,III/1+2/ABCDEFG1,068.001,015.00961.00 RIA14-F33x
    IECEx Ex d IIC T61,068.001,015.00961.00 RIA14-ID3x
    IECEx Ex tD A21912.00866.00821.00 RIA14-IF3x

    Field Indicator RIA16

    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in AUDOrder code
    HousingApproval1 to 34 to 1011+
    Plastics, glass fiber reinforcedNon-hazardous area469.00446.00423.00 RIA16-AA1x
    AluNon-hazardous area612.00581.00551.00 RIA16-AA2x
    ATEX II2(1)G Ex ib[ia] IIC T6703.00668.00633.00 RIA16-BA2x
    FM IS, NI/I/2/ABCDEFG/T6703.00668.00633.00 RIA16-F12x
    IECEx Ex ib[ia] IIC T6703.00668.00633.00 RIA16-IB2x


    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in AUDOrder code
    Mounting set wall+pipe (W08)85.49 71089844
    Configuration kit TXU10- for PC-programmable devices. set-up programme+interface cable for PC with USB-Port. 4 pin plug294.33 TXU10-AC

    Prices valid until 31.12.2020 in AUD per unit (not including shipping and applicable sales tax). See
    Endress+Hauser Terms and Conditions

  • Application

    The RIA14/RIA16 field indicators monitor measurement signals and display them with high resolution and accuracy. The indicators feature one Open Collector output for monitoring a limit value. They permit universal installation and are particularly suitable for use in the field or in mobile rigs.


    The indicator records an analog measuring signal and shows this on the display. The LC display shows the current measured value digitally and as a bargraph with limit value violation signalling. The indicator is looped into the 4 to 20 mA circuit and obtains the required energy from there.

    Application Example

    Application examples of the RIA14 / 16 filed indicators

    a) Explosive hazardous area / Zone 1,2 / Zone 21,22

    b) Non-hazardous area

    c) Transmitter 4...20 mA

    d) Power supply

  • Technical data

    Measuring range 4 to 20 mA (reverse polarity protection)
    Line voltage drop <4 V at 3 to 22 mA
    Max. line voltage drop <6 V at max. short-circuit current 200 mA

    Digital limit switch

    Passive, open collector: Imax = 200 mA, Umax= 35 V, Ulow/max = < 2 V at 200 mA

    Max. reaction time to limit value = 250 ms

    Signal on alarm No measured value visible on the LC display, no background illumination; open collector inactive
    Performance characteristics
    Reference operating conditions T= 25 °C (77 °F)
    Max. measured error <0.1 % of scaled display range
    Influence of ambient temperature Effect on the accuracy when ambient temperature changes by 1 K: 0.01%
    Operating conditions
    Mounting location Wall or pipe mounting
    Ambient temp. limits

    –40 to +80 °C (–40 to +176 °F )

    (at < –20 °C (< –4 °F) the display can react slowly; at < –30 °C (–22 °F) readability of the display cannot be guaranteed)

    Storage temperature –40 to +80 °C (–40 to +176 °F)
    Electrical safety As per IEC 61010-1, UL61010-1, CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92
    Climate class As per IEC 60654-1, Class C
    EMC As per EN 61326 (IEC 61326) and NAMUR (NE21)
    Degree of protection IP 67, NEMA 4X
    Mechanical construction

    RIA14: housing: die-cast aluminum AlSi10Mg with powder coating on polyester basis; optional: Stainless steel 1.4405;

    RIA16: housing: Fiber-glass reinforced plastic PBT-GF30; optional: Aluminum AlSi12


    RIA14: aluminium housing: approx. 1.6 kg (3.53 lbs) stainless steel housing: approx. 4.2 kg (9.26 lbs)

    RIA16: plastic housing: approx. 500 g (1.1 lbs) aluminum housing: approx. 1.7 kg (3.75 lbs)

    Terminals Cables/wires up to max. 2.5 mm² (14 AWG) plus ferrule
    Human interface
    Display range –19999 to +99999
    Offset –19999 to +99999
    Character height

    RIA14: 20.5 mm (0.81")

    RIA16: 26 mm (1.02")

    Signalling Measuring range overshoot/undershoot
    Operating elements 3-key operation (–/+/E) integrated in device, access with housing open
    Remote operation The device is configured with the FieldCare PC operating software
    RIA16 ATEX II2(1)G Ex ib[ia] IIC T6/T5/T4, FM, CSA, GL, UL

    Dimensions in mm (inches)


    Dimensions of a process indicator RIA14 in field housing

    Installation according to instruction manual


    Dimensions of a process indicator RIA16 in field housing

    Installation according to instruction manual

    Electrical Connection


    Electronic connection of a RIA14 process indicator

    a) Terminal 2 and 3 Open Collector

    b) active

    c) passive

    d) loop power supply


    Electronic connection of a RIA16 process indicator

    a) Terminal 2 and 3 Open Collector

    b) active

    c) passive

    d) loop power supply

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