E-direct switches, sensors and instruments

Micropilot FMR10 from $626CAD Micropilot FMR10 >>>
Free space radar sensor for non-contact measurement
Hygienic vibration limit switch for liquids - Liquiphant FTL33 from $269CAD Liquiphant FTL33 [FTL20H] >>>
Hygienic point level switch for liquids
Liquiphant 31 - Liquid level switch from $200CAD Liquipoint FTW23 >>>
Capacitive point level switch for liquids  
Capacitive point level switch for bulk solids from $283CAD Minicap FTC260 / FTC262 >>>
Capacitive point level switch for bulk
Capacitive point level switch for solids from $218CAD Nivector FTC968 >>>
Capacitive limit switch for bulk
Pressure sensor for absolute and gauge pressures up to 400 bar from $326CAD Cerabar PMC21 / PMP21 >>>
Absolute and gauge pressure sensors
Hygienic pressure sensor from $390CAD Cerabar PMP23 >>>
Hygienic pressure sensor (replaces PMP135)
Pressure switches for absolute and gauge pressures from $380CAD Ceraphant PTC31B / PTP31B >>>
Absolute and gauge pressure switches
Hygienic pressure switch for absolute and gauge pressures from $405CAD Ceraphant PTP33B >>>
Hygienic pressure switch [replaces PTP35]
Compact thermometer with Pt100 or 4 to 20mA output from $107CAD Easytemp TMR31 >>>
RTD temperature sensor
Hygienic compact thermometer with Pt100 or 4 to 20 mA output from $158CAD Easytemp TMR35 >>>
Hygienic RTD temperature sensor
Hygienic, aseptic, modular resistance thermometer, Pt100 or 4 to 20 mA from $179CAD iTHERM TM401 >>>
RTD Hygienic temperature sensor
Temperature transmitters for RTD and thermocouples from $136CAD iTEMP TMT127 / 187 and 128 / 188 >>>
Temperature transmitter for RTD & thermocouples
Programmable temperature transmitter from $100CAD iTEMP TMT80 >>>
Programmable temperature transmitter
Temperature switch for hygienic applications from $382CAD Thermophant T TTR35 >>>
Hygienic temperature switch
Loop-powered indicator from $222CAD RIA15 >>>
Display unit for 4...20 mA or HART® signals
process meters with display and control unit from $420CAD RIA45 / RIA46 >>>
Process meters with control unit
Loop-powered field displays from $365CAD RIA14 / RIA16 >>>
Loop-powered field indicators
Process indicator with control functionalities from $817CAD RIA452 >>>
Digital process display with pump control
Universal process transmitter from $323CAD RMA42 >>>
Process transmitter with control unit
Power supply and active barrier RN221N from $262CAD RN221N >>>
Loop power supply with optional HART® diagnosis
Passive barrier RB223 from $227CAD RB223 >>>
Passive barrier / galvanic isolation