Temperature sensor with screw thread for demanding applications

Temperature sensor with screw thread for demanding applications

Omnigrad T TST187

from CHF87.-
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    • Class A accuracy (according to IEC 751 or EN 60751)

    • Mineral insulated replaceable insert

    • With thermowell, threaded process connection
      and extension neck

    Specs at a glance

    Temperature range –50 to +400 °C (–58 to +752 °F)
    Tolerance Pt100 Class A
    Immersion length (diameter)

    120/160/250/400 mm (⌀ 9 mm)

    (4.7"/6.3"/9.9"/15.8" (⌀ 0.35"))

    Response time ≤18 s (T50); ≤55 s (T90)
    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in CHFOrder code
    Terminal TypeImmersion Length L1 to 34 to 1011+
    Flying leads120 mm99.-92.-87.- TST187-1A2A
    160 mm99.-92.-87.- TST187-1A2B
    250 mm111.-103.-98.- TST187-1A2C
    400 mm111.-103.-98.- TST187-1A2D
    Terminal block120 mm109.-101.-96.- TST187-1A3A
    160 mm109.-101.-96.- TST187-1A3B
    250 mm120.-112.-106.- TST187-1A3C
    400 mm120.-112.-106.- TST187-1A3D

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  • Application

    The Omnigrad T TST187 RTD thermometer range covers a wide variety of market needs worldwide. Typical applications can be found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper, waste water and food industry. It is widely used in vessels and pipes where a reasonable response time is required.


    The Omnigrad T TST187 RTD thermometer assembly includes a replaceable inset, in mineral insulated sheath with a G½" process connection. The head transmitter (DIN 43729 Form B) is thermal decoupled via a extension neck. The inset is available either with flying leads for head transmitter mounting or with terminal block.

    Installation instructions

    Temperature sensor Omnigrad T TST187 - Application examples

    Pipe installation


    a) At elbows, against the flow

    b) In smaller pipes, leant against the flow

    c) Perpendicular to the flow

  • Technical data

    Sensing element Platinum resistance, 1×Pt100 (100 Ω at 0 °C)

    Class A acc. to IEC 751: -50 to +250 °C

    Class B acc. to IEC 751: 250 to 400 °C

    Wiring Four-wire connection
    Insulation resistance ≥100 MΩ, test voltage 250 V at ambient temperature
    Electrical connection Flying leads or terminal block
    Sheath diameter 6 mm (0.24")
    Operating temperature –50 to +400 °C (–58 to +752 °F)
    Stem Mineral insulated cable (MgO)
    Response time value T50/18 s; T90/55 s; according to IEC 751, in moving water at 0.4 m/s
    Operating conditions

    50 bar at +20 °C (725 PSI at +68 °F)

    1 bar at +400 °C (14.5 PSI at +752 °F)

    Protecting tube
    Shape DIN 43772 form 2 G
    Diameter 9 mm (0.36")
    Material SS 316Ti/1.4571
    Process connection
    Shape DIN 43772 form 2 G
    Screw thread

    G½", 1.4571/SS 316TI;

    ½" NPT-M, 1.4404/SS 316 L

    Terminal head
    Type DIN 43729 form B
    Protection class IP 66/68
    Electrical connection M20×1.5, cable gland
    Material Aluminum, polyester powder coated

    Dimensions (in mm)

    Temperature sensor Omnigrad T TST187 - Dimensions

    L = Immersion length


    Installation according to operation instructions

    Electrical connection

    Terminal block

    Temperature sensor Omnigrad T TST187 - Wiring 1

    For direct cable connection


    a) red

    b) white

    Flying leads

    Temperature sensor Omnigrad T TST187 - Wiring 2

    For mounting of head transmitter


    a) red
    b) white

    Tolerance values

    a) Class A (°C)

    b) Class B (°C)

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