Components to complement a measuring point

The E-direct offering of "components to complement a measuring point" contains display units, process meters, field indicators, process transmitters, surge arresters, barriers and much more. They cover a wide range of applications throughout various industries.

Analog measured values are indicated, evaluated and calculated by process transmitters. With the integrated loop power supply two-wire sensors can be powered. The universal inputs enable the connection of current, voltage, RTDs and TCs. Limit values can be monitored and relays can be switched. Process signals via analog outputs can be forwarded. Plant availability is very important as even short failures in production may cause high losses in sales. Therefore an individual protection of the devices e.g. surge protection as well as a high availability of plant parts needs to be ensured.

Loop-powered indicator from Kč3.904,- RIA15 >>>
Display unit for 4...20 mA or HART® signals
process meters with display and control unit from Kč6.689,- RIA45 / RIA46 >>>
Process meters with control unit
Loop-powered field displays from Kč6.314,- RIA14 / RIA16 >>>
Loop-powered field indicators
field indicators with FOUNDATION fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA from Kč13.302,- RID14 / RID16 >>>
FOUNDATION fieldbus™ / PROFIBUS® PA field indicators
Process indicator with control functionalities from Kč10.722,- RIA452 >>>
Digital process display with pump control
Universal process transmitter from Kč6.022,- RMA42 >>>
Process transmitter with control unit
Switching unit from Kč3.582,- RTA421 >>>
Limit switch with loop power supply
Power supply and active barrier RN221N from Kč3.396,- RN221N >>>
Loop power supply with optional HART® diagnosis
Passive barrier RB223 from Kč2.951,- RB223 >>>
Passive barrier / galvanic isolation