About E-direct

What is E-direct?

E-direct stands for the entry-level product offering of Endress+Hauser and complements its traditional range of services.
Instrumentation does not always require a vast amount of consultation in terms of price and application; that’s where
E-direct helps as a fast, simple and effective direct purchase method.

Who is Endress+Hauser?

Endress+Hauser is the synonym for high quality innovative products, a complete range of measurement and automation
equipment, competent consultation and excellent service – just ask our customers!

What does E-direct offer me?

  • Simple product version selection
  • The best value for money
  • Transparency thanks to a price/quantity display
  • Short delivery times
  • Exchange of defective instruments

How can I place an order?

Placing your order on line in this portal is extremely safe, simple and fast!

Though, we shall respect you decision and welcome orders in all formats and through all media. You are the one who
must decide what it most convenient for yourself. Your order will be treated with the same care and at the same conditions
independently from its format.

How can I pay?

Your payment will be made upon reception of our invoice, by means of a bank transfer.
In exceptional cases anticipated payment may be requested by Endress+Hauser.

The E-direct rules


Our technical experts are available for eventual questions regarding E-direct products and their application.


Service/instrument replacement

Should an instrument fail whilst under guarantee, a replacement instrument will be sent to you, free of charge.
After guarantee expiry, the usual Endress+Hauser customer service charges apply.



E-direct offers very cost-effective quality entry-level instruments. Quantity related discounts apply as displayed.
Other bulk agreements with Endress+Hauser
do not apply to the E-direct product offering. 

Shipping costs are not included in the product price and appear as a different line item in the shopping basket. These costs are always for delivery within the country where the order is placed. Please contact us, in case you would need the goods to be delivered abroad.


Portal account

This website is meant for public access: everyone can browse the products, select them and add them to the shopping basket without any limitation. Everyone can also print out a shopping basket.

Though only logged in customers are allowed to turn a shopping basket into an online order. Creating oneself a portal account therefore is mandatory to place orders online in this website. The process is fast and uninterruptive, which means that one can create a portal account at any time before clicking 'send order'. Stored company data will be perfectly safe and we of course guarantee that they will not leave Endress+Hauser.

Delivery times

Each product version comes with a delivery time indication, either 48 hours* or 5 working days, valid up to 3 identical units.
These delivery times apply for orders placed before 10.00 a.m. with a pre-existing account.

* = delivery taking place on course of the second working day after order placement.


Customers placing their first order with a newly created account:
Please allow us a few hours to make the necessary steps in our backend system.
This may then delay the delivery of your first order with one day.


Note that :
• The provided delivery time indications are best estimates. The actual delivery time may vary according to the exact shipping address. The delivery times in Endress+Hauser's final order confirmations prevail.
• Delivery times longer 48 hours or 5 working days may (temporarily) occur, as exceptions. We therefore advise you to systematically watch the delivery time indicator that applies to the product version you are interested in.


 = 48 hours (delivery taking place on course of the second working day after order placement)

 = the indicated number of working days