Pressure switches & sensors

E-direct pressure sensors and switches enable accurate and reliable pressure measurement and monitoring of both relative and absolute pressures. The line differentiates between sensors for pressure measurement and switching in general applications, and models specifically designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the food and beverages industries. Though simple, these sensors and switches come with finely graduated measuring ranges and the process connections that will fit your measuring points, whether you are active in e.g. the pumps business, the food industry, heating and ventilation systems, and many more. Furthermore, they make use of the same measuring cells as our more sophisticated pressure transmitters. Quality and reliability is standard at Endress+Hauser.

Pressure sensor for absolute and gauge pressures up to 400 bar from €184.- Cerabar PMC21 / PMP21 >>>
Absolute and gauge pressure sensors
Hygienic pressure sensor from €220.- Cerabar PMP23 >>>
Hygienic pressure sensor (replaces PMP135)
Pressure switches for absolute and gauge pressures from €226.- Ceraphant PTC31B / PTP31B >>>
Absolute and gauge pressure switches
Hygienic pressure switch for absolute and gauge pressures from €240.- Ceraphant PTP33B >>>
Hygienic pressure switch

A few examples of applications and more

Maybe you would like to know a little more about where our Cerabar pressure sensors and Ceraphant pressure switches are used in real life? As a matter of fact, these pressure sensors fit the process industry, whether close to the very heart of the processes or more towards utilities applications. Actually, one will find them e.g. in leakage detection control - for instance in compressed air networks, as well as in numerous tank level measurement applications where they are used in pairs to measure differential pressure. The same set up is also typical to monitor filters or pump performance. Many customers also use these sensors in the field of machine building, as well as to equip skids, particularly in the food and beverage industry. The scope of application is extremely wide as it extends to e.g. sprinkler systems, heating and ventilation installations and more. The following applications may not be the most typical, but they perfectly illustrate two major assets of our pressure sensors. The same dry ceramic measuring cell that equips both the Cerabar pressure sensor and the Ceraphant pressure switch equips thousands of dialysis pumps, knowing the very stringent accuracy and reliability requirements of medical equipment, this case illustrates the number one asset of our pressure sensors: their accuracy and their reliability. Cerabar pressure sensors have been used for pressure measurement in pilot emergency power generators using not less than airplane turbines, which says something about their robustness - another major asset of our E-direct series of instruments for pressure measurement.