Robust, easy and efficient: E-direct product offering for the wastewater industry


Our offering

The entire E-direct product portfolio for the wastewater industry is designed to increase efficiency in your basic applications. We help you to ensure industry standards and legal requirements.

Furthermore we focus on simplicity. Simplicity is central to the complete process - from selection up to installation and operation of the devices, through ordering them. And quality, we simply consider a no brainer.

Micropilot FMR10 from Rp6,897,798.- Micropilot FMR10 >>>
Free space radar sensor for non-contact measurement
Complete measuring point for pH, conductivity or oxygen from Rp11,758,187.- Liquiline CM14 >>>
Measuring points for pH / ORP / µS/cm / O2
Switching unit for conductivity sensors from Rp1,901,524.- Nivotester FTW325 >>>
Switching unit for conductive sensors
Process indicator with control functionalities from Rp6,446,110.- RIA452 >>>
Digital process display with pump control
Digital process data manager from Rp18,076,721.- Ecograph T RSG35 >>>
Multifunctional videographic data manager 
Electromagnetic flowmeter Picomag from Rp7,937,789.- Picomag >>>
Electromagnetic flowmeter for utilities

And there is more

The above shown instrumentation is only a selection of our product offering. There are many more switches, sensors and instruments available for the various applications in the wastewater industry.

The RMA42 process transmitter with control unit is suitable for many applications, like the monitoring or transmission of signals, differential level applications and signal multiplying. The RIA45/46 indicators detect, evaluate and display analogue process values.

For the point level detection in liquids, especially as overspill and pump protection, one can use Liquiphant FTL31. Absolute and gauge pressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dust can be measured with Cerabar PMP21, optionally equipped with a flush-mounted process connection.

Especially designed for flow measurements in water or service water applications: Proline Promag 10D the electromagnetic flowmeter for bidirectional measurement of conductive liquids.