E-direct switches, sensors and instruments

Loop-powered indicator from ₹10,617.- RIA15 >>>
Display unit for 4...20 mA or HART® signals
process meters with display and control unit from ₹16,929.- RIA45 / RIA46 >>>
Process meters with control unit
Loop-powered field displays from ₹15,387.- RIA14 / RIA16 >>>
Loop-powered field indicators
Process indicator with control functionalities from ₹27,436.- RIA452 >>>
Digital process display with pump control
Universal process transmitter from ₹16,052.- RMA42 >>>
Process transmitter with control unit
Power supply and active barrier RN221N from ₹8,860.- RN221N >>>
Loop power supply with optional HART® diagnosis
Passive barrier RB223 from ₹7,994.- RB223 >>>
Passive barrier / galvanic isolation