Hygienic compact thermometer with Pt100 or 4 to 20 mA output

Hygienic temperature sensor with Pt100 or 4 to 20 mA output

Easytemp TMR35

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    • Hygienic process connections, surface finishing Ra ≤ 0.8 µm

    • Fast response times without reduced tip

    • Compact thermometer from stainless steel

    Specs at a glance

    Temperature range –50 to +200 °C (–58 to 392 °F)
    Accuracy <0.08 %, Pt100 class A
    Immersion length (diameter)

    40 to 600 mm (⌀ 6 mm)

    (1.6 to 23.6" (⌀ 0.24"))

    Sensor response time <1.0 s (T50), <2.0 s (T90)

    Easytemp TMR35, compact thermometer

    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in INROrder code
    Output; Measuring RangeProcess Connection1 to 34 to 1011+
    4-20mA, see additional spec.Clamp > NA Connect ISO2852 DN25-38, 1-1/2, 316L, 3-A, DIN32676 DN25-4010,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A1XxDBAX1AAA
    Clamp > NA Connect ISO2852 DN40-51, 2", 316L, 3-A, DIN32676 DN5010,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A1XxDLAX1AAA
    Clamp > NA Connect ISO2852 2-1/2, 316L, 3-A10,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A1XxDPAX1AAA
    Varivent F DN25-32, PN40, 316L, 3-A13,453.-12,780.-12,108.- TMR35-A1XxLBAX1AAA
    Varivent N DN40-162, PN40, 316L, 3-A13,453.-12,780.-12,108.- TMR35-A1XxLLAX1AAA
    Conical metall-metall G1/2, 316L10,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A1XxMBAX1AAA
    DIN11851 DN25 PN40, 316L, 3-A13,453.-12,780.-12,108.- TMR35-A1XxPGAX1AAA
    DIN11851 DN40 PN40, 316L, 3-A13,453.-12,780.-12,108.- TMR35-A1XxPHAX1AAA
    DIN11851 DN50 PN40, 316L, 3-A13,453.-12,780.-12,108.- TMR35-A1XxPLAX1AAA
    Pt100, DIN class A, 4-wireClamp > NA Connect ISO2852 DN25-38, 1-1/2, 316L, 3-A, DIN32676 DN25-406,856.-6,513.-6,171.- TMR35-A11xDBAX1AAA
    Clamp > NA Connect ISO2852 DN40-51, 2", 316L, 3-A, DIN32676 DN506,856.-6,513.-6,171.- TMR35-A11xDLAX1AAA
    Clamp > NA Connect ISO2852 2-1/2, 316L, 3-A6,856.-6,513.-6,171.- TMR35-A11xDPAX1AAA
    Varivent F DN25-32, PN40, 316L, 3-A10,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A11xLBAX1AAA
    Varivent N DN40-162, PN40, 316L, 3-A10,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A11xLLAX1AAA
    Conical metall-metall G1/2, 316L6,856.-6,513.-6,171.- TMR35-A11xMBAX1AAA
    DIN11851 DN50 PN40, 316L, 3-A10,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A11xPLAX1AAA
    DIN11851 DN40 PN40, 316L, 3-A10,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A11xPHAX1AAA
    DIN11851 DN25 PN40, 316L, 3-A10,154.-9,647.-9,139.- TMR35-A11xPGAX1AAA


    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in INROrder code
    G1/2 metal to metal weld in adapter1,908.- 60021387
    Weld-in adapter G3/4 d=50, 316L4,970.- 71258355
    Configuration kit TXU10- for PC-programmable devices. set-up programme+interface cable for PC with USB-Port. 4 pin plug+ReadWin2000+adapter M1210,813.- TXU10-BA
    Cable M12x1 l=5m 5m cable 4x 0.34 mm2, molded PVC angled connector, M12x1 connector screw Cu Sn/Ni, IP67.907.- 51005148

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  • Application

    Characterized by simplicity and compact construction, the Easytemp TMR35 is available with a range of hygienic process connections. It offers good accuracy and response times and has been specifically designed for hygienic applications with 3-A certification.


    The compact thermometer consists of a Pt100 class A sensor, (optional) transducer and housing with hygienic process connection. The built-in electronics can be programmed using a PC and TXU10-BA configuration kit to convert the Pt100 input signal into a temperature linear 4 to 20 mA signal.

    Installation instructions

    Hygienic compact thermometer Easytemp TMR35 - INstallation examples

    Pipe installation


    a) At angle sections, against the direction of flow

    b) In smaller pipes, turned against the direction of flow

    c) Perpendicular to the direction of flow


    L = Insertion length

  • Technical data

    Sensing element 1 × Pt100
    Tolerance Class A according to IEC 751
    Process temperature –50 to +200 °C
    Material 316L
    Surface finishing Ra ≤ 0.8 µm
    Sensor diameter 6 mm (0.24")
    Sensor length 40 to 600 mm selectable (please specify)
    Response time T50 = < 1.0 s; T90 = < 2.0 s
    Max. pressure 100 bar / 1500 psi (at 100 mm / 3.94" and 20 °C / 68 °F, depending on process connection)
    Process connection

    Conical metal-to-metal connection, with G½";

    TRI-CLAMP® flange 1" 1½";

    ISO 2852 DN 25/38;

    Dairy connection DIN 11851 DN 25;

    Varivent® ⌀ 68 mm for DN 32/125

    Transmitter housing
    Degree of protection IP 66/67
    Electrical connection M12×1-plug-in connector
    Material 304
    Output characteristics
    Output signal 4 to 20 mA, 20 to 4 mA / Pt100
    Signal on alarm Sensor break; Sensor short-circuit: ≤ 3.6 mA or ≥ 21.0 mA
    Load Max. (Upower supply –10 V)/0.023 A
    Ind. current requirem. ≤3.5 mA
    Current limitation ≤23 mA
    Switch-on delay 2 s
    Power supply
    Supply voltage Ub = 10 to 35 V DC
    Residual ripple Permitted residual ripple Uss ≤ 3 V at Ub ≥ 13 V, fmax= 1 kHz
    Transmitter response time 1 s
    Reference operating conditions 0 °C (32 °F) (ice bath)
    Measuring error 0.1 K (0.18 °F) or 0.08 %
    Influence of supply voltage ≤ ±0.01 %/V deviation from 24 V
    Influence of ambient temperature (temperature drift)

    Td = ±(15 ppm / K × (full scale value of measuring range + 200) + 50 ppm/K × set measuring range) × Δθ

    Δθ = deviation of ambient temperature from the reference operating condition

    Long-term stability ≤0.1 K/year or 0.05 %/year
    Influence of load ≤ ±0.02 % / 100 Ω
    Operating conditions
    Ambient temperature -40 to +85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)
    Storage temperature -40 to +85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)
    Climate class As per EN 60 654-1, Class C
    Shock resistance 4 g/2 to 150 Hz as per IEC 60068-2-6
    EMC According to IEC 61326 Series and NAMUR NE21



    Dimensions (in mm)

    Hygienic compact thermometer Easytemp TMR35 - Dimensions

    a) TRI-CLAMP®

    b) MicroClamp TriClamp

    c) Dairy connection

    d) G½"

    e) Varivent®

    f) with cap-nut G3/8"



    * Version with extension neck add 35 mm (1.38")

    L = selectable length from 40 to 600 mm (1.6" to 23.6")


    Installation according to operation instructions


    Hygienic compact thermometer Easytemp TMR35 - Thermowells

    a) Thermowell G ½"

    b) Thermowell corner piece DN15

    c) Thermowell T-piece (straight) DN10

    Electrical connection

    4 to 20 mA

    Hygienic compact thermometer Easytemp TMR35 - Wiring 1

    1 × Pt100

    Hygienic compact thermometer Easytemp TMR35 - Wiring 2

    a) red

    b) white

    Measuring range


    Measuring range


    0...+100 °C


    0...+150 °C


    –50...+100 °C


    –50...+150 °C


    –50...+200 °C with extension neck


    0...+200 °C with extension neck


    Freely selectable (Temperature range: –50...+150 °C, please specify)
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