Digital, easy and efficient


Start digitalization in your plant with IO-Link

Industry 4.0 and digitalization are popular topics of discussion these days. Sensor information, digital transmission of the measurement values and additional data such as detailed status or error reports and other measurement values, lead to more efficient processes and systems. IO-Link makes this possible - and offers a wide range of additional benefits.

Our IO-Link product offering

Detector de nivel límite para líquidos desde $ USD173.- Liquiphant FTL31 >>>
Detector de nivel para líquidos
Detector de nivel límite con diseño sanitario para líquidos desde $ USD237.- Liquiphant FTL33 >>>
Detector de nivel higiénico para líquidos
Detector de nivel para líquidos Liquipoint FTW23 desde $ USD172.- Liquipoint FTW23 >>>
Detector de nivel conductivo para líquidos  
Liquiphant 31 - Liquid level switch desde $ USD287.- Liquipoint FTW33 >>>
Detector de nivel conductivo higiénico para líquidos
Hygienic pressure sensor desde $ USD327.- Cerabar PMP23 >>>
Transductor de presión higiénico - Reemplaza PMP135
Pressure switches for absolute and gauge pressures desde $ USD319.- Ceraphant PTC31B / PTP31B >>>
Presostatos para presión absoluta y relativa
Hygienic pressure switch for absolute and gauge pressures desde $ USD339.- Ceraphant PTP33B >>>
Presostato higiénico- Reemplaza PTP35
Electromagnetic flowmeter Picomag desde $ USD534.- Picomag >>>
medidor de flujo electromagnetico para servicios auxiliares

Explore the benefits of IO-Link communication

Digital measured values:

  • Faultless transmission (e.g. EMC caused)
  • No conversion, thus a higher total accuracy

More data:

  • Possibility to carry more values
  • Detailed fault information
  • Additional process information

Central parameters storage:

  • Possibility to load set up parameters from the master into a device
  • Configuration can be duplicated from one device to the next
  • Remote sensor maintenance


Typical Industrial Ethernet network with IO-Link

Typical Industrial Ethernet network with IO-Link