Hygienic temperature switch for measurement of process temperatures

Hygienic Pt100 temperature switch for monitoring of process temperatures

Thermophant T TTR35

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    • Hygienic process connections

    • Stainless steel housing 316L

    • Fast response times without reduced tip

    Specs at a glance

    Temperature range –50 to +150 °C (–58 to 302 °F)
    Display 4 digit, 14 segments display with color change
    Immersion length (diameter) 50 / 100 / 200 mm (⌀ 6 mm)
    (1.97", 3.94", 7.87" (⌀ 0.24"))
    Response time <1.0 s (T50); <2.0 s (T90)
    Surface finishing Ra ≤ 0.8 µm
    Accuracy <0.1 %
    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in EUROrder code
    Power Supply; OutputProcess ConnectionElectrical ConnectionInsertion Length L; Diameter D1 to 34 to 1011+
    12-30VDC; 1x switch PNPTriclamp or threaded connectionPlug M12 / Plug ISO4400 M16x1.550 mm; 6mm252,-234,-222,- TTR35-AxA111xx1BAB
    100 mm; 6mm252,-234,-222,- TTR35-AxA111xx2CAB
    200 mm; 6mm261,-242,-229,- TTR35-AxA111xx2EAB
    Hygienic connectionPlug M12 / Plug ISO4400 M16x1.550 mm; 6mm286,-266,-252,- TTR35-AxA111xx1BAB
    100 mm; 6mm286,-266,-252,- TTR35-AxA111xx2CAB
    200 mm; 6mm295,-274,-260,- TTR35-AxA111xx2EAB
    12-30VDC; 2x switch PNPTriclamp or threaded connectionPlug M1250 mm; 6mm269,-250,-237,- TTR35-A1B111xx1BAB
    100 mm; 6mm269,-250,-237,- TTR35-A1B111xx2CAB
    200 mm; 6mm278,-258,-244,- TTR35-A1B111xx2EAB
    Hygienic connectionPlug M1250 mm; 6mm304,-282,-267,- TTR35-A1B111xx1BAB
    100 mm; 6mm304,-282,-267,- TTR35-A1B111xx2CAB
    200 mm; 6mm312,-290,-275,- TTR35-A1B111xx2EAB
    12-30VDC; switch PNP + 4-20mATriclamp or threaded connectionPlug M1250 mm; 6mm309,-287,-272,- TTR35-A1C111xx1BAB
    100 mm; 6mm309,-287,-272,- TTR35-A1C111xx2CAB
    200 mm; 6mm317,-295,-279,- TTR35-A1C111xx2EAB
    Hygienic connectionPlug M1250 mm; 6mm343,-319,-302,- TTR35-A1C111xx1BAB
    100 mm; 6mm343,-319,-302,- TTR35-A1C111xx2CAB
    200 mm; 6mm352,-327,-309,- TTR35-A1C111xx2EAB
    Please order cable and plug from the accessories section.


    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in EUROrder code
    Cable M12x1 l=5m 5m cable 4x 0.34 mm2, molded PVC angled connector, M12x1 connector screw Cu Sn/Ni, IP67.9,80 51005148
    Configuration kit TXU10- for PC-programmable devices. set-up programme+interface cable for PC with USB-Port. 4 pin plug + ReadWin2000101,72 TXU10-AA
    Socket for plug 4p-125V, 4A-M12 M12 socket for plug. Self confectionery connection. Usage: plug M12, FMB50/FMB51/FMB52/FMB53, FMB70, FTL31/FTL33, FTW23, FTW33, PMC41/PMC45, PMP11, PMP21, PMP41/PMP45/PMP46,/PMP48, PMP51, PTC31B, PTP31B, QMW43.15,55 52006263
    M12 elbow plug ready for cable, IP67,PG710,36 51006327
    System Power Supply RNB130 Primary switched-mode. Input voltage: 85-264VAC, 45-65Hz. Output voltage: 24VDC, max. 30V (for errors).138,89 RNB130-A1A

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  • Application

    The Thermophant T TTR35 is a Desina compliant temperature switch for the monitoring, display and control of process temperatures in hygienic applications.


    A platinum sensor located at the measuring tip changes its resistance value depending on the temperature. This resistance value is recorded electronically. The conversion of the resistance value into a temperature measurement signal is defined by the international standard IEC 751. 

    Application example

    Hygienic Pt100 temperature switch Thermophant T TTR35 - Installation example

    The Thermophant detects the temperature in the vessel and monitors the compliance with limit values.

  • Technical data

    Supply voltage
    Supply voltage 12 to 30 V DC (reverse polarity protection)
    Current consumption Without load <60 mA, with reverse polarity protection
    Output signal 1 or 2 × PNP or PNP with 4 to 20 mA
    Voltage drop PNP ≤2 V
    Overload protection Automatic testing of switching current
    Performance characteristics
    Reference conditions According to DIN IEC 60770/61003
    Measured error Electronics 0.2 K or 0.16 %; sensor Class A
    Long-term drift ≤0.1 % per year
    Sensor response time T50 = <1.0 s; T90 = <2.0 s
    Analog output Non-linearity ≤ 0.2 %
    Sensing element 1 × Pt100, four-wire
    Tolerance Class A to IEC 751
    Medium temperature –50 to +150 °C (–58 to 302 °F)
    Diameter 6 mm (⌀ 0.24")
    Operating conditions
    Ambient temperature –40 to +85 °C (–40 to +185 °F)
    Degree of Protection IP 65 (complete housing)
    EMC Interference emission as per IEC 61326 Series, class B electrical equipment, interference immunity as per IEC 61326 Series, app. A (industrial use) and NAMUR Recomm. NE 21
    Process connection and protection pipe 316L/Ra ≤ 0.8 µm
    Housing 316L
    Operating elements 3 buttons or PC and software
    Desina compliant  

    Dimensions (in mm)


    Hygienic Pt100 temperature switch Thermophant T TTR35 - Dimensions 1

    L = sensor length 50 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm (1.97", 3.94", 7.87")


    Installation according to operation instructions

    Process connection

    Hygienic Pt100 temperature switch Thermophant T TTR35 - Process connections

    a) Conical metal-metal G ½"

    b) CLAMP1"

    c) CLAMP2"

    d) Varivent F

    e) Varivent N

    f) APV-Inline

    g) DIN 11851, DN50

    h) DIN 11851, DN25

    i) DIN 11851, DN40


    B = hole 6 × ⌀ 8.6 mm + 2 × thread M8

    Electrical connection

    Hygienic Pt100 temperature switch Thermophant T TTR35 - Electrical connections

    DC Voltage version with M12 connector

    A1: 1 × PNP switch output

    A2: 2 × PNP switch output

    A3: PNP switch output with additional analog output


    DC Voltage version with M16×1.5 connector

    B: 1 × PNP switch output

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