Level switches & sensors

The E-direct sensors, switches and transmitters for level detection and continuous level measurement fit a very wide field of measuring applications throughout all industries, from water and waste water to the food and beverages, through chemicals. Whether products are liquids - like water, liquid foodstuff, chemicals, and more - or solids like cement, gypsum, grains, human food, cattle food or pellets - there always is an appropriate E-direct sensor to ensure a reliable point level detection or continuous measurement, overspill protection or pump dry run protection. When it comes to the product container itself, the sensors choice offered here will fit in a vast number of cases: for example vessels or tanks, open basins, closed pipes, pressurized installations, machines, skids, rolling equipment like trucks.

Radar sensor for level measurement Micropilot FMR10 from €366.- Micropilot FMR10 >>>
Free space radar sensor for non-contact measurement
Liquiphant 31 - Liquid level switch from €128.- Liquiphant FTL31 >>>
Point level switch for liquids
Hygienic level switch for liquids - Liquiphant FTL33 from €162.- Liquiphant FTL33 >>>
Hygienic point level switch for liquids
Liquipoint FTW23 - Point level switch for liquids from €114.- Liquipoint FTW23 >>>
Capacitive point level switch for liquids  
Capacitive point level switch for bulk solids from €179.- Minicap FTC260 / FTC262 >>>
Capacitive point level switch for bulk
Capacitance point level switch for powdered and fine-grained solids from €109.- Nivector FTI26 >>>
Capacitance point level switch for powdered and fine-grained solids

A few more facts

Not yet comfortable with our E-direct level switches & sensors? Want to know a bit more about the quality of E-direct sensors for level measurement? Then you may be interested in a couple of examples. The vibrating fork level switches for liquids Liquiphant FTL31 and FTL33 belong to the same Liquiphant product family that has equipped millions of level detection points over the last 30 years. Besides that, Endress+Hauser is the inventor of the vibrating fork level detection principle. Another one, our entry line E-direct offering contains several capacitance level switches, as well as a capacitance continuous measurement transmitter – Liquicap T FMI21. It is precisely with capacitive level probes that Endress+Hauser started its research, development, production and sales activities more than 60 years ago. All other E-direct level sensors use well-proven technologies as well: contactless ultrasonic level measurement in both liquids and solids, conductive level detection in liquids, and electronic switching units - all well-proven technologies at Endress+Hauser.