Compact, easy and hygienic - Instruments for the Food & Beverage industry

Our offering

The E-direct sensors, switches and instruments meet the global hygienic regulations for food safety and quality. We completely focus on simplicity and quality. Simplicity is part of every single process step - starting from product selection, order process up to installation and operation. Quality is a matter of course for us.

Hygienic vibration limit switch for liquids - Liquiphant FTL33 from ฿9,342.- Liquiphant FTL33 >>>
Hygienic point level switch for liquids
Liquiphant 31 - Liquid level switch from ฿5,980.- Liquipoint FTW23 >>>
Capacitive point level switch for liquids  
Liquiphant 31 - Liquid level switch from ฿11,687.- Liquipoint FTW33 >>>
Hygienic liquid level switch
Hygienic pressure sensor from ฿10,703.- Cerabar PMP23 >>>
Hygienic pressure sensor (replaces PMP135)
Hygienic pressure switch for absolute and gauge pressures from ฿11,699.- Ceraphant PTP33B >>>
Hygienic pressure switch [Replaces PTP35]
Hygienic compact thermometer with Pt100 or 4 to 20 mA output from ฿3,269.- Easytemp TMR35 >>>
Hygienic RTD temperature sensor
Hygienic, aseptic, modular resistance thermometer, Pt100 or 4 to 20 mA from ฿4,157.- iTHERM TM401 >>>
RTD Hygienic temperature sensor

And there is more

The above shown hygienic sensors are only a selection of our product offering. There are many more switches, sensors and instruments available for the various applications in the Food & Beverage industry.

Mass flow switch Flowphant DTT35 and temperature switch Thermophant TTR35 are also designed for hygienic applications. For all bulk solids applications like milling or storage, you can use our robust switches Soliphant FTM20/21 or Minicap FTC260/262.

Monitor, record and communicate all your measured values with one single powerful unit - the data manager Ecograph T RSG35.

The universal process transmitter with control unit RMA42 is suitable for many applications, like the monitoring or transmission of signals, differential pressure applications and signal multiplying.