Hygienic pressure sensor

Pressure transducer with hygienic, flush-mounted metal sensor

Cerabar PMP23 - Replaces PMP135

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    • High reproducibility and long-term stability
    • Customized measuring ranges (without additional price)
    • FDA compliant fill oil

    Specs at a glance

    Product Gases, vapors, liquids and dust
    Output 4 to 20 mA
    Reference accuracy ±0.3 %
    Process temperature range –10 to +100 °C (+14 to +212 °F); +135 °C (+275 °F) for one hour maximum
    Measuring ranges

    From –400 to +400 mbar (–6 to +6 psi) to
    –1 to +40 bar (–15 to +600 psi)

    Cerabar PMP23

    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in THBOrder code
    Electrical ConnectionProcess Connection1 to 34 to 1011+
    Plug M12, IP65/67 NEMA Type 4X Encl.Tri-Clamp ISO2852 DN25-38 (1-1/2") DIN32676 DN25-38, EHEDG, 3A11,464.-10,891.-10,318.- PMP23-AA1MxxJ3CJ
    M2411,757.-11,169.-10,581.- PMP23-AA1MxxJxxx
    ISO228 G111,950.-11,352.-10,755.- PMP23-AA1MxxJxxx
    DIN11851 / Clamp / Tri-Clamp / Varivent13,460.-12,787.-12,114.- PMP23-AA1MxxJxxx
    Valve plug ISO4400 NPT1/2, IP65 NEMA Type 4X Encl.Tri-Clamp ISO2852 DN25-38 (1-1/2") DIN32676 DN25-38, EHEDG, 3A11,464.-10,891.-10,318.- PMP23-AA1VxxJ3CJ
    M2411,757.-11,169.-10,581.- PMP23-AA1VxxJxxx
    ISO228 G111,950.-11,352.-10,755.- PMP23-AA1VxxJxxx
    DIN11851 / Clamp / Tri-Clamp / Varivent13,460.-12,787.-12,114.- PMP23-AA1VxxJxxx
    Valve plug ISO4400 M16, IP65 NEMA Type 4X Encl.Tri-Clamp ISO2852 DN25-38 (1-1/2") DIN32676 DN25-38, EHEDG, 3A11,464.-10,891.-10,318.- PMP23-AA1UxxJ3CJ
    M2411,757.-11,169.-10,581.- PMP23-AA1UxxJxxx
    ISO228 G111,950.-11,352.-10,755.- PMP23-AA1UxxJxxx
    DIN11851 / Clamp / Tri-Clamp / Varivent13,460.-12,787.-12,114.- PMP23-AA1UxxJxxx
    Plug M12, IP66/69 NEMA Type 4X Encl.Tri-Clamp ISO2852 DN25-38 (1-1/2") DIN32676 DN25-38, EHEDG, 3A12,437.-11,815.-11,194.- PMP23-AA1NxxJ3CJ
    M2412,730.-12,093.-11,457.- PMP23-AA1NxxJxxx
    ISO228 G112,923.-12,277.-11,630.- PMP23-AA1NxxJxxx
    DIN11851 / Clamp / Tri-Clamp / Varivent14,433.-13,711.-12,990.- PMP23-AA1NxxJxxx


    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in THBOrder code
    Weld-in adapter G1, 316L Flush mount process connection. Material: 316L. Usage: PMP23, PMP51, PMP135, PTP33B/PTP35. Correct installation only with dummy.3,519.- 52005087
    Weld-in adapter G1, d=60, 316L Flush mount process connection. Material: 316L. Seal: silicone O-ring. FDA, EHEDG, 3-A compliant. Usage: FMI51/FMI52, FTI51/FTI52, FTL20/FTL20H, FTL31/FTL33, FTL50/FTL50H/FTL51/FTL51C/FTL51H, FTL80/FTL81, FTL260, FTW23, FTW33, PMP23, PMP51, PMP135, PTP33B/PTP35. Usage: TM401/TM411, TMR35.1,739.- 52001051
    Socket for plug 4p-125V, 4A-M12 M12 socket for plug. Self confectionery connection. Usage: plug M12.732.- 52006263
    Cable 4x0.34, box M12,Cu Sn/Ni,90o,L=5m M12 plug connector. 5m cable PVC, Cu Sn/Ni lock. Usage: FMB50/FMB51/FMB52/FMB53, FTL31/FTL33, FTW23, FTW33, PMC11, PMC21, PMC51, PMP11, PMP21/PMP23, PMP51/PMP55, PTC31B, PTP31B/PTP33B.333.- 52010285
    Plug connector M12 90deg Self confectionery connection. Usage: plug M12.1,163.- 71114212
    Cable 4x0,34, box M12, 316L, 90o, L=5m M12x1 plug. 5m cable PVC, 316L lock. Especially for hygiene applications.2,227.- 52024216
    Display PHX20 Plug-on display 4-20mA, 4-digit red. Plug DIN43650, protection IP65. Free scaling of indication. Voltage drop <= 5V. Usage: PMC131, PMP11/PMP21/PMP23, PMP131/135.6,168.-5,859.-5,551.- 52022914

    Prices valid until 28.02.2018 in THB per unit (not including shipping and applicable sales tax). See
    Endress+Hauser Terms and Conditions

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  • Application

    The Cerabar is a pressure transducer for the measurement of absolute and gauge pressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dust for applications  with hygienic requirements. The Cerabar can be used in versatile applications thanks to a wide range of approvals and process connections.


    The process pressure deflects the metal process isolating diaphragm of the sensor and a fill fluid transfers the pressure to a Wheatstone bridge (semiconductor technology). The pressure-dependent change in the bridge output voltage is measured and evaluated.

    Application example

    Hygienic pressure sensor PMP135 - Application example

    Pressure transducer Cerabar PMP23 4 to 20 mA analog output (b) with auxiliary power supply, such as RN221N or RMA42 (a) from E-direct

  • Technical data

    Output signal 4 to 20 mA
    Signal range
    4 to 20 mA
    3.8...20.5 mA
    Load RLmax ≤ (UB – 6.5 V) / 22 mA 1)
    Signal on alarm
    4 to 20 mA
    max. alarm >21 mA;
    min. alarm current adjustable
    Dynamic behavior Time constant (T90) 15 ms
    1) RLmax: maximum load resistance; UB: supply voltage
    Power supply
    Supply voltage 10...30 V DC
    Current consumption ≤26 mA
    Degree of protection - Cable: IP66/68 NEMA Type 4X/6P
    - Plug M12 Plastic: IP65/67 NEMA Type 4X
    - Plug M12 Metal: IP66/67; IP69 NEMA Type 4X
    - Valve plug: IP65 NEMA Type 4X
    Influence of power
    ≤0.005% of URL/1 V
    Residual ripple ±5 %
    Performance characteristics
    Reference accuracy ±0.3 %
    Thermal change of
    the zerooutput and
    the output span
    <1 bar: <1.2 %;
    ≥1 bar: <1 %
    Long-term stability

    1 year: ±0.2 %;

    5 years: ±0.4 %

    Switch-on time ≤2 s
    Ambient temperature
    –40 to +85 °C (–40 to +185 °F)
    Devices for hazardous areas: –40 to +70 °C (–40 to +158 °F)
    Storage temperature
    –40 to +85 °C (–40 to +185 °F)
    Climate class Class 4K4H
    - Interference emission as per EN 61326 equipment B
    - Interference immunity as per EN 61326 appendix A (industrial sector)
    - NAMUR recommendation EMC (NE21)
    Process temperature
    –10 to +100 °C (+14 to +212 °F)
    Sterilization in place (SIP) at +135°C (+275 °F) for a maximum of one hour
    Materials not in
    contact with process
    Housing: Stainless steel 316L
    Filling oil: NSF-H1 synthetic oil in accordance with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570
    Materials in contact
    with process
    Process connections: 316L
    metal process isolating diaphragm: AISI 316L
    TSE Certificate of Suitability for all device components in contact with the process
    Ex ATEX II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga/Gb
    ATEX II 3G EEx eC IIC T4 Gc
    CSA C/US IS Cl. I Div. 1 Gr. A-D
    FM IS Cl. I, Div.1 Gr. A-D T4
    IEC Ex ia IIC T4 Ga/Gb
    NEPSI Ex ia IIC T4
    3A, EHEDG, EC1935/2004
    Pressure Equipment Directive

    Dimensions in mm (inches)


    Hygienic pressure sensor PMP135 - Dimensions

    a) M12 plug, housing cap made of plastic

    b) M12 plug, housing cap made of metal

    c) Valve plug

    d) Cable


    Installation according to operation instructions

    Process connections with flush-mounted, metal process isolating diaphragm

    a) Thread ISO 228 G 1" Metal joint

    b) Thread ISO 228 G 1" O-ring seal

    c) Thread M24×1.5


    Hygienic connections

    a) DIN 11851 DN 25

    b) DIN 11851 DN 40

    c)DIN 11851 DN 50

    d) SMS 1½"

    e)Clamp ISO 2852 DN 22

    f) Tri-Clamp ISO 2852 DN 25 – DN 38

    g) Tri-Clamp ISO 2852 DN 40 – DN 51

    h) Varivent F pipe DN25-32

    i) Varivent N pipe DN40-162

    j) Universal adapter 44 mm

    Electrical connection

    4...20 mA output

    Hygienic pressure sensor PMP135 - Connecting 1

    a) M12 plug

    b) Valve plug

    c) Cable:

    1:   brown = L+
    2:   blue = L-
    3:   green/yellow = ground connection
    (a): reference air hose

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  • Display PHX20/PHX21

    Technical data

    Display PHX20/PHX21
    Display 4 digits, red LED, loop powered to use in 4 to 20 mA loops, angular connector DIN 43650 7.62 mm (0.3”) display height, turnable in angle of 90°
    Display range -1999 to +9999, programmable by two buttons
    Protection class IP 65
    Material Plastic PA6 GF30, face plate PMMA
    Voltage drop ≤ 5 V (equivalent burden of max. 250 Ω)
    Approval PHX21: ATEX II 2G

    Dimensions (in mm)

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