Flow switch for monitoring of mass flow

Flow switch for the monitoring of mass flow

Flowphant T DTT31

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    • On-site display

    • High reproducibility and long-term stability

    • Large turndown


    Specs at a glance

    Medium Liquids
    Measuring range 0.03 to 3 m/s (0.1 to 9.84 ft/s)
    Medium temperature –20 to +85 °C (–4 to +185 °F)
    Process pressure 0 to +100 bar (0 to 1450 psi) at 20 °C (68°F)

    Flowphant DTT31

    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in USDOrder code
    Process Connection
    Insertion Length L; Diameter D
    Power Supply; OutputElectrical Connection1 to 34 to 1011+
    1/4NPT / 1/2NPT / G1/4A / G1/2A
    L = 30mm /
    100mm; D = 6mm
    18-30VDC; 1x switch PNPPlug M12388.-361.-341.- DTT31-A1A111xxxxAB
    Plug ISO4400 NPT1/2414.-385.-364.- DTT31-A3A111xxxxAB
    18-30VDC; 2x switch PNPPlug M12414.-385.-364.- DTT31-A1B111xxxxAB
    18-30VDC; switch PNP + 4-20mAPlug M12475.-442.-418.- DTT31-A1C111xxxxAB
    W/o, compr. fitting 316L, L=>100mm insertion length, compr. fitting, to order separately.18-30VDC; 1x switch PNPPlug M12379.-353.-334.- DTT31-A1A111AA2CAB
    Plug ISO4400 NPT1/2406.-377.-357.- DTT31-A3A111AA2CAB
    18-30VDC; 2x switch PNPPlug M12406.-377.-357.- DTT31-A1B111AA2CAB
    18-30VDC; switch PNP + 4-20mAPlug M12467.-434.-411.- DTT31-A1C111AA2CAB
    Plug and cable to be ordered as 'accessory'


    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in USDOrder code
    Collar welded socket d6 PEEK + screw moveable with sealing taper, washer + pressure screw G1/2, material of wetted parts: 316L, PEEK, max. Prozessdruck: 10 bar (145 psi)105.88 51004751
    Cable M12x1 l=5m 5m cable 4x 0.34 mm2, molded PVC angled connector, M12x1 connector screw Cu Sn/Ni, IP67.14.61 51005148
    Configuration kit TXU10- for PC-programmable devices. set-up programme+interface cable for PC with USB-Port. 4 pin plug + ReadWin2000149.23 TXU10-AA

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  • Application

    The Flowphant T DTT31 is a flow switch for monitoring, displaying and measuring relative mass flow rates of liquid media in the range from 0.03 to 3 m/s (0.1 to 9.84 ft/s). Application examples include: Monitoring cooling water circulation systems of pumps, turbines, compressors and heat exchangers and monitoring lubrication systems.


    The device measures the mass flow of a liquid medium with the calorimetric measurement method. The calorimetric measuring principle is based on cooling a heated temperature sensor. Heat is removed from the sensor by forced convection due to medium flowing by. The extent of this heat transfer depends on the medium velocity and the difference in temperature between the sensor and medium (King's law). The higher the velocity or the mass flow of the medium, the greater the temperature sensor cooling.

    Application example

    Flow switch - Application example

    The Flowphant monitors the flow in a cooling circuit and signals when flow drops below a minimum flow rate.

  • Technical data

    Measurement range

    0 to 100 %; resolution 1 %

    0.03 to 3 m/s (0.1 to 9.84 ft/s) for liquids

    Output signal 1 × PNP, 2 × PNP or 1 × PNP with analog output for flow and temperature
    Voltage drop PNP ≤2 V
    Overload protection Automatic testing
    Performance characteristics
    Reference conditions According to DIN IEC 60770/61003
    Measured error Switch point and display 0.2 %
    Long-term drift ≤0.5 % per year under reference operating conditions
    Sensor reaction time 6 to 12 s
    Response time Switch output 100 ms
    Operating conditions
    Medium temperature –20 to +85 °C (–4 to +185 °F)
    Ambient temperature –40 to +85 °C (–40 to +185 °F)
    Degree of protection

    With NPT½" plug: IP 65

    with M12 × 1: IP 66

    Power supply
    Supply voltage Ub 18 to 30 V DC, reverse polarity protection
    Current consumption Without load <100 mA at 24 V DC
    EMC Interference emission as per IEC 61326 Series, class B electrical equipment; interference immunity as per IEC 61326 Series, appendix A (indust. use) and NAMUR Recomm. NE 21
    Operating elements 3 buttons or PC and software
    Materials Process connection, protecting tube and housing 316L

    Dimensions in mm (inches)


    Flow switch - Dimensions

    a) M12 × 1

    b) NPT½"

    L = sensor length 30 mm, 100 mm (1.16", 3.94")


    Installation according to instruction manual

    Process connections 

    Flow switch - Process connections

    a) AA (Without*)

    b) DE (ANSI NPT½")

    c) DA (ANSI NPT¼")

    d) AE (ISO 228 G½" A, 316L)

    e) AB (ISO 228 G¼" A, 316L)


    * For mounting with welding boss or compression fitting: L ≥100 mm (3.94")




    Electrical connection

    Flow switch - Connecting

    DC voltage version with M12 × 1 connector

    A1: 1 × PNP switch output

    A2: 2 × PNP switch outputs R1 and (1) (R2)

    A2': 2 × PNP switch outputs R1 and (1)
    (diagnosis/break contact with adjustment "DESINA")

    A3: PNP switch output, additional analog output

    DC voltage version with valve plug NPT½"

    B: 1 × PNP switch output


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