Point level switch for granular solids

Point level switch for granular solids

Soliswitch FTE20

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    • Easy installation
    • Optical and automatic rotation control (optional)
    • Weight of solids can be adjusted without the need for tools

    Specs at a glance

    Function Level switch
    Medium Solids weight ≥ 80 g/l (4.99 lb/ft³)
    Operating pressure (abs.) 0.5 to 2.5 bar (7.25 to 36,3 psi)
     Medium temperature –20 to +80 °C (–4 to 176 °F)

    Soliswitch FTE20

    Product / VersionPrice / pcs. in USDOrder code
    Version, LengthApprovalProcess Connection; MaterialPower Supply1 to 34 to 1011+
    Shaft, 75mm / Shaft, 100mm / Shaft, 120mm / Shaft, 200mm / Shaft, 300mmNon-hazardous areaNPT1-1/2 male thread; PBT115VAC278.-258.-244.- FTE20-AA11xx31
    20-28VDC367.-341.-323.- FTE20-AA11xx11
    NPT1-1/2 male thread; 303115VAC337.-314.-297.- FTE20-AA14xx31
    20-28VDC427.-397.-376.- FTE20-AA14xx11
    Classified areasNPT1-1/2 male thread; PBT115VAC397.-369.-349.- FTE20-xx11xx31
    20-28VDC487.-452.-428.- FTE20-xx11xx11
    NPT1-1/2 male thread; 303115VAC457.-425.-402.- FTE20-xx14xx31
    20-28VDC546.-508.-481.- FTE20-xx14xx11

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  • Application

    The Soliswitch FTE20 is a paddle switch for granular solids. Its robust and compact design makes the point level switch an ideal sensor for detecting the full, empty or refill status in applications with bulk solids, such as in silos containing solids. Typical application areas are point level detection in e.g. cereals, sugar, cacao, animal feeds, washing powders, chalk, dry plaster, cement, granulates and wood chips.


    The shaft and paddle are driven using a reduction gear and synchronous motor. If the paddle is stopped by material covering it, the hinged motor in the housing moves from the rest to the switch position. This movement operates two switch contacts; the first is for external level indication and the second switches off the power to the motor.

    The paddle starts to rotate once the medium level falls below the paddle, the hinged motor returns to its rest position and the two contacts switch to normal operation. Intermittent loads that operate against or even in the same direction of rotation are evened out by a slip clutch.


    Watch a video about the rotating paddle measuring principle

    Application example

    Level switch for granular solids - Application example

    a) Functioning as full sensor

    b) Functioning as demand sensor

  • Technical data

     Output signal  Binary
    Response time From standstill of the paddle until output of the switching signal: 20°, corresponds to 3.5 s
    Switching capacity relay 

    EN 61058: 250 V AC 5E4, 6(2) A;

    L 1054: 125 to 250 V AC, 5 A; 30 V DC, 8 A;

    Min. switching load 300 mW (5 V/5 mA)

     Function Detection of full or refill status 
    Automatic rotation monitoring (optional) Detection of blockage or failure of the drive unit
    Power supply
     Supply voltage 20 to 28 V DC; 115 V AC;
    Power consumption  Max. 3.5 VA
    Cable entries 2 × cable gland, M20 × 1.5 (optionally 1 × cable gland M20 × 1.5 and indicator lamp)
    Operating conditions
    Side load on the shaft Max. 60 N
    Load on the rope Max. 1 500 N
    Operating press. (abs.) 0.5 to 2.5 bar (7.25 to 36,3 psi)
    Ambient temperature –20 to +60 °C (–4 to 140 °F)
    Degree of protection IP 66
    Shock resistance as per EN 60068-2-27: 30g
    Vibration resistance as per EN 60068-2-64: 0,01g²/Hz
    Medium temperature –20 to +80 °C (–4 to 176 °F)
    Solids weight ≥80 g/l
    Grain size ≤50 mm (1.97")
    Mechanical construction
    Material – Housing: Polycarbonate
    – Captive screw cap: Polyamide
    – Cover seal: Silicone
    – Shaft / Rope extension / Paddle: Stainless steel
    – Process seal: Synthetic/organic fiberelastomer sealing (nonasbestos) NPT versions have no process seal and need to be sealed at the thread by the customer
    – Process connections: Stainless steel or PBT
    Shaft seal NBR
    Shaft speed 1 min-1
    Process connection NPT1¼"; NPT1½"
    Electrical connection Terminals with spring terminal design, Permitted cable cross-sections 2.5 mm² solid, 1.5 mm² flexible with wire end ferrule with plastic ferrule
     Ex approval IECEx Ex ta/tb IIIC Da/Db
    FM DIP/II, III/1/E-G

    Dimensions (in mm)

    Level switch for granular solids - Dimensions

    A: Process connection NPT1¼", NPT1½"

    B: Indicator light (optional)

    L: Length of shaft 75 to 300 mm (2.95" to 11.81")


    Installation according to instruction manual.

    Electrical connection

    Level switch for granular solids - Connecting

     Protective ground
    N (AC), L– (DC): Power connection
    L1 (AC), L+ (DC): Power connection
    H1, N/L–: Connection for signaling empty/full status detection (optional)
    11: Changeover contact
    12: Normally closed contact
    13: Normally open contact

    * Option


    Level switch for granular solids - Installation

    Correct installation positions of the device:
    1: Vertical from the top
    2: Angled from the top
    3: From the side
    4: From the side with protective cover against falling solids
    5: From below


    Incorrect installation positions of the device:
    6: In direction of solids flow
    7: Installation coupling too long

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