Switches now also coming with IO-Link communication

Liquiphant 31 - Liquid level switch from R2.144,- Liquiphant FTL31 >>>
Point level switch for liquids
Hygienic level switch for liquids - Liquiphant FTL33 from R2.700,- Liquiphant FTL33 >>>
Hygienic point level switch for liquids
Liquipoint FTW33 - Point level switch for liquid, pasty and sticky media from R3.826,- Liquipoint FTW33 >>>
Hygienic liquid level switch
Pressure switches for absolute and gauge pressures from R3.772,- Ceraphant PTC31B / PTP31B >>>
Absolute and gauge pressure switches
Hygienic pressure switch for absolute and gauge pressures from R4.012,- Ceraphant PTP33B >>>
Hygienic pressure switch

And there are more

  • Point level switch for liquids in the food and beverage industry Liquipoint FTW23
  • Capacitance point level switch for powdered and fine-grained solids Nivector FTI26
  • Pressure sensor with hygienic, flush-mounted metal sensor Cerabar PMP23
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter for utilities Picomag